Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Summer Fashion Forecast: Floral Prints & Accessories

Stop and smell the roses, the poppies, the sunflowers and all the other gorgeous flowers this spring and summer to gain inspiration for your wardrobe. Floral prints and jewelry will remain a dominating force in fashion throughout this summer, so continue searching for fabulous floral accents.

To achieve this trend, you can incorporate subtle, small patterned floral prints or big, bold flower designs. Even better, you can sport floral jewelry or other accessories like shoes or belts for a unique spin on this blossoming trend.

In the last blog, we discussed the huge fashion trend of color blocking. What better way to add flare and tastefully blend these two trends together than with a colorblocked outfit and complimentary stack of crystal floral bracelets?

One of the best advantages to the flourishing floral trend is that the trend can work for the individual with a feminine, romantic style and the more edgy style. If you’re looking to incorporate blooms into your wardrobe, but aren’t interested in the flirty feminine look, contrast the floral pieces with a touch of toughness.

A few ways to effortlessly wear springy floral elements this spring and summer of 2012 include:

  • A flowy sundress with a small floral pattern with a motorcycle jacket
  • A colorful pair of skinnies, a neutral blouse and spiked heels with floral Shamballa-like bracelets
  • A crop top with big flowers, cut off jean shorts and wrists stacked with crystal bead bracelets
  • A small floral patterned top with a loose, striped skirt in similar toned colors. Round out the outfit with colored crystal earrings .

With florals bursting into 2012 fashion, being worn on some head-to-toe, it’s time to embrace the trend and make it your own. Whether you rock an edgy, laid-back boho, preppy, classic or retro style, floral jewelry and wardrobe pieces can be incorporated easily. Check back with Blush Jewelry to see our latest releases of crystal floral accessories that will help you stay on top of both the floral trend as well as the colorblocking trend.

How do you wear floral prints? Comment below!

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