Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrity Trend: Shamballa Jewelry

With origins of a mythical land in Inner Asia, the word Shambhala (or Shambala, Shamballa) has only recently become commonplace, in large part due to popular celebrities wearing and endorsing the trendy Shamballa bracelets. We may never know why some celebs choose to wear Shamballa bracelets - is it in a hope to harness the ancient meaning of Shamballa? Translated by Tibetans, Shamballa is most typically understood as a “place of peace/tranquility/happiness” wherein the inhabitants are “enlightened.”

If wearing these fashionable beaded bracelets brings peace, tranquility and happiness, it’s no surprise why Shamballa bracelet sales nationwide are through the roof and seemingly celebrities everywhere are stacking up these bracelets on their wrists. Not for women alone, many men are wearing Shamballa bracelets – we’ve seen stars like Jay Z, Lamar Odom, Justin Bieber, T.I., Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross stacking men’s beaded bracelets on their wrists. A completely diverse fashion trend, Shamballa bracelets and Shamballa-inspired bracelets are also worn by some of pop culture’s most glamorous women like Jennifer Aniston, Ciara and even Paris Hilton.

The versatility of the crystal beads and rope bead bracelets make it a fashion favorite for men and women alike, day or night. Even for those who aren’t spiritually focused, the ideas and history behind the Shambhala/Shambala/Shamballa can be meaningful and help bring to mind the idea of inner control over one’s feelings. For those who are just looking to be fashion forward, Shamballa jewelry has proven to be a lasting and popular trend that will likely be around for a while.

Though you’ll see most celebs sporting these crystal bead bracelets on their wrists, the style can also translate to necklaces. Vary up the trend by wearing a beaded rope necklace in the Shamballa-style; you can switch up the length to make it longer or shorter depending on your outfit, style or mood!

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