Friday, June 1, 2012

How to: Incorporate Jewelry with your Beach Wear

Temperatures are rising, the days are lasting longer and more and more weekend trips are being booked with pool days or beach trips. Beyond making sure you have a fabulous swimsuit, ensure you are accessorizing your beach wear with the right accessories to both flatter and look stylish.

To fully prepare for the ultimate look-at-me look by the water this summer, make sure you’re decked out head-to-toe:

Hair: Depending on your waterside activity, you’ll want to fix your hair in the appropriate way. If you’re planning on a day of lounging and soaking up the sun, let your hair down with soft, beach-inspired waves. If you have a laid-back, boho style, opt for a fun headscarf; if you’re more glam, get a floppy hat. Beyond looking fashionable, both of these accessories will protect your hair from sun damage.

Hair & Jewelry:

  • Light hair looks best with bolder colors, like hot pink, blue or green jewelry
  • Dark hair looks great with most colors, but really is accentuated by light (but bright!) colors like yellow jewelry
  • In general, the bigger the hair, the bigger the accessories should be (think studs with short hair and statement earrings with long hair)

Skin: Your skin is the main focus when in a swimsuit, so make sure you’ve properly exfoliated, moisturized and applied sunscreen.

Skin & Jewelry:

  • Similar to hair, light skin tones are best complimented by bright colors and dark skin tones can really wear any colors of bright crystal jewelry.

Nails: In order to be extremely polished from head-to-toe, make sure your nails and toes are both chip-free and with a bright polish. We love the long-lasting wear of Shellac nail polish – just remember, your nails can be an accessory just like your jewelry!

Jewelry: If you watched the enviable Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this past spring, you know that accessorizing your swimwear with jewelry is still a huge trend for fashion this summer 2012. Once again, depending on your activities by the water, you’ll want to adjust your jewelry picks accordingly.

A few of our top jewelry trends to wear with swimwear include:

  • Beaded Shamballa bracelets: you simply cannot go wrong by wearing some Shamballa-like beaded bracelets on your wrists this summer. All the rage among male and female celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Paris Hilton, Lamar Odom, Jay Z, Ciara and more – Shamballa bracelets are huge right now! Their effortless and casualness make them the perfect beach accessory this summer.
  • Bright, colorful earrings: a simple way to accessorize a swim suit, earrings (especially bold, bright crystal earrings) add a little pop of sparkle that won’t go unnoticed in the sun.
  • Bold crystal rings: Jazz up your hands with some big and bold crystal rings. This will catch the sunlight as well as onlookers eyes on the beach. Don’t be afraid to wear multiple rings per hand – the more, the merrier!
  • Long, dangle pendant necklace: Perhaps the jewelry accessory with the least flexibility, only wear long crystal necklaces if you’ll be lounging around the water. Make sure to take it off before hopping in the water or playing around; you don’t want to have it snag or tangle in your swimsuit. Despite the warning, the long necklaces are one of our favorite pieces of jewelry to wear with a swimsuit – it looks so fashionable and chic!

Wherever you’re working your swimsuit this season, don’t be caught under accessorized! Use the gorgeous pieces of crystal fashion jewelry from Blush Jewelry to help you perfect your summer beach ware outfit.

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