Thursday, July 12, 2012

If it’s Neon, It’s Gotta Be On

With oversized nerd glasses, bright lipstick and neon everywhere, you might think we’re back in the ‘80s. Thankfully (for those of us with unruly hair...) we’re not, but fashion has brought back aspects of the 1980’s into 2012 trends beautifully. For example, eighties neon is a huge color dominating runways and will stay a force throughout this summer and fall.

You might be a little intimidated by the attention neon can bring, so we’ve come up with a few ways to wear your neon. Read on, fashionistas!

  1. In the Hands: for an itty bitty burst of neon, try out a neon nail polish. Your nails will pop without bringing too much attention to yourself. There’s no better time to experiment with bright, 80s-inspired nails than this summer - so whip out some neon pink, yellow or even neon blue nail polish and get painting!
  2. Long Maxis: if you’re feeling courageous, try out a bright maxi skirt in neon pink or blue. Pair it with a casual crop top in a solid color and you’ll be sure to draw eyes. For those looking for a smaller dose of neon, wear a plain black maxi skirt and a neon crop top. We also love seeing color-blocked maxis - maybe a royal blue maxi skirt with a neon blue or turquoise top. Get creative and embrace color!
  3. With your Kicks: there is (almost) no better way to wear neon than through your shoes. Because neon is such a booming fashion trend right now, you can find neon thong sandals, neon ballet flats, wedges and pumps everywhere! Depending on your personal style and comfort, invest in a pair of neon shoes to wear with a monochromatic outfit. Make sure to avoid the “matchy-matchy” look that can sometimes happen when wearing neon accessories and coordinating neon clothing. (i.e. if you’re wearing neon yellow shoes, avoid a neon yellow top. Instead, choose a complimentary colored neon top, like blue or pink!)
  4. Summer Shorts: bright jorts are EVERYWHERE this summer! It’s not too late to invest in a pair of bright neon summer shorts that you can wear into fall. These shorts will come in handy as you hit the beach or pool with a coordinating neon swimsuit and shades… they’ll also look trendy at upcoming summer and fall music festivals! Neon shorts are a must-have! You can wear them with almost anything – a solid top, boho or indian-inspired top, retro or polka dotted tee or a coordinating neon top in a different color. The wardrobe creations are endless!
  5. In the details: for those looking for a subtle way to add neon to their fashion, look to your accessories! Even if you’re a huge neon enthusiast or a neon skeptic, it’s important to have bright neon beaded bracelets or bright crystal earrings that take your outfit to the next level. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate neon through jewelry include wearing a big, bright statement-making crystal beaded necklace on top of a solid colored blouse (can be neon in a coordinating color! Or white looks great, too!) or through a huge stack of neon bright beaded bracelets. We also love the idea of racking up your fingers with big rings in various colors – some neon, of course!

However you choose to wear neon, just remember in 2012, if it’s neon, it’s gotta be on! Check back in with your fashion jewelry retailer, Blush Jewelry for more fun tips and tricks to looking fabulous every season.

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