Thursday, May 23, 2013

How To Wear Color

Colors. It’s one of the first things we learn as kids, it’s something we long to see in spring after a cold, grey winter, it’s how we describe our emotions, and it’s something most of us are afraid to experiment with when it comes to our wardrobe.
What are we afraid of? Getting it wrong? Trust us, fashion is not that complicated and fear should not be allowed to hold your love of beautiful cltohes and accessories hostage.  Check out InStyle Magazine and their awesome Dare to Wear series for some helpful tips on how to colorblock, what colors are hot this summer, and fun colorful accessories.
Here are our top 3 picks for Summer 2013 colorful fashion trends:

Colorblocking. Colorblocking has been around for a little while now but it has gotten a bit of a facelift. Rather than simply wearing a multi-hue dress, stylists are adding bold accessories into the mix.  Michael Kors Colorblocking Crepe Dress uses black and white to frame Pantone’s color of the year, emerald, to make it pop.  Throw in an emerald purse (Kate Spade pictured and some eye catching jewelry and everyone around you will be green with envy.
Floral SwimsuitsFloral prints are trending in every part of fashion right now but it is hard to commit to a pair of floral jeans or shoes because, if you are like most, buying good clothes and shoes means wearing them for more than one season. The perfect solution? A floral swimsuit! It’s something that should be replaced every year so that the fabric maintains its integrity and let’s face it, who doesn’t use the return of warmth as an excuse for a pedi and a new suit? This pretty and sophisticated suit is by Pret A Surf and is easy to glam up for a pool party.  You can’t be blue when you look this good.

Yellow Dresses. Don’t be yellow to try out this trend. The great thing about yellow is there is a shade that compliments everyone’s coloring and it is easier to color match than other colors like red and blue. Julianne Moore (in Dior Haute Couture), Kaley Cuoco (in Angel Sanchez), Claire Danes (in Lanvin) and Hannah Simone (in Emilio Pucci Couture) all look amazing in this happy color. Because yellow is such a vibrant color, you want make your accessories simple.  Black can give a bumble bee feel and silver can get lost so try lavender or royal purple. A simple pair of drop earrings  and a chunky ring is really all you need to show off your fashion prowess.
How do you wear color?  Comment Below!



  1. I admit to being one of the fearful. I'm not so much afraid that I'll walk out of my closet looking like a fashion disaster but, I get nervous to buy a quality top/bottom/dress just to have it go out of style in one season. I'm not made of money ;)

    I play it safe wearing mostly neutral colors like black, white and navy and add color by adding accessories like purses, shoes and jewelry. This is one of the reasons I love Blush; beautiful and fashionable jewelry that doesn't break my bank.

    Thanks Blush.